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Welcome to the CarpetKissers Community. If you are not a member of this Community you should be. This Community has many intresting things in it. There are always many funny pictures and many other funny things. There are also some different games and contests sometimes. If you don't follow the rules though you will be kicked out of the Community. If you do get kicked out then go cry to the little Emo kid that the Community adopted not me or anyone else.


*There is to be no cussing in the Community at any time. If you do cuss then you will be warned then if you do it again you will be kicked out.
*All pictures that are posted should not have any nudity or have any perverted view or they will be deleted and you will be kicked out immediately.
*If you are going to promote your Community in this one then you must promote this one in yours or your post will be deleted.
*Make sure that you respect all of the other members in the Community. Do not be rude and say offensive things or you will be warned then banned if it happens again.

Please follow all of the rules.Thanks.

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